The Same Old Damn Life


i knew this guy
he screw it up
every fuckin’ time
drinking too 
much of the
brown water
he can’t find 
the right way 
of handling his
broken thoughts 
spend all of his 
money and his faith 
on booze ’n drugs
lost his girls 
and his friends
i couldn’t understand 
why he fuck it up
every single time 
what’s wrong 
with this guy
but i realized 
damn, that’s me 


i’ve learned loyalty 
from cheating girls
i’ve learned honesty  
from all the lies 
i’ve learned love
from these rare 
moments i try 
to save forever 
and friendship 
from the funerals 
i’ve learned hope
from the lost 
and understanding 
from the lack of
appreciation i have 
to face every day 
but today, after
so many years 
i’m not grateful 
for the man i 
have become

– DON’T –

if you really
want to write 
keep your eyes 
and your heart 
wide open for
everything what
happens to you 
and other people 
let suffer, hope
grief and love
wash you away
know loneliness 
drink and smoke
and feel, feel
everything you
never wanted 
to feel again
and don’t cheat 
on your thoughts
your past, or
your emotions
then, only then 
you’re able to 
write seriously
but i tell you
don’t do it


to me you are
living poetry 
the poetry
of your beauty
of your body
of your curves 
and the naked 
places of 
your skin 
the symphony 
of your feet
wandering over 
your legs 
to your hips 
to the soft 
color of
your nipples
and i read 
with my lips 
verses of art
straight from 
your body