Whiskey, Cigarettes & Love Letters


i know this girl 
i know she likes me
and i know i like
her eyes on mine 
the way she smiles
the way she talks 
there’s a special
light in her face
when i speak to her
but i know, she’ll
never know the truth
and she frightened me 
cause i know 
she wanted everything
and i sadly know 
i don’t have so much 
left of me 


i got her letter
in my old mailbox
two pages in an 
pink coloured envelope 
i remember the moment 
when i read her words
full of love and hope
the room was filled
with her perfume 
and for some seconds 
i should have known 
how sweet the heaven 
could be, as long 
as she’s with me 

– Y’ALL –

y’all wanted real people
lookin’ elegant and perfect  
y’all wanted real stories
with an happy end
y’all wanted to be true
with hearts full of lies
y’all sought for peace
without knowing war 
y’all hated the war 
without knowing fights
y’all wanted to dream 
without being alive 
y’all wanted to be yourself
and don’t know how
y’all wanted to be loved
without knowing 
what it really means

– SHE – 

a smile, so true
a masterpiece 
of what god 
created in this
dirty world 
and a laugh
that the devil
would be scared
to touch her soul