whiskey poems


i loved the women 
i loved their perfume 
so sweet and so sour 
i loved their bodies
so true and so unperfected 
i loved to lay next to them
listening to their lives 
to their dreams 
i loved the taste 
of bad coffee
during silent mornings 
i loved the cheap beer 
on their breaths  
i loved the peace i’ve found 
in their breasts 
and i even love to know
that they will kill me 
one day


yeah, i was 
whoring around
to forget 
your pictures 
living in my head 
and pouring round
after round 
trying to drink away
your memories 
but there’s still 
your tattoo
across my heart 
and i’ve been 
sniffing your name 
like a god damn line 
and i get high 
by the things 
i try to forget 


here where i laid between my dreams
the air full of smoke 
a shaking hand holds the glass
in the nightstand the bible 
and the heart so empty 
i found an angel
a pillow for the pain 
i laid on your shoulder, in your arms 
you’re singing old songs 
where thorns wear roses
i smelled your fragrance 
felt your skin 
your kiss on my forehead 
and a heart that beats again 
a voice through the smoke
and an empty glass
and everything what will stay
is your fragrance on my skin

– DANCE – 

i’m sitting at this bar 
i order some whiskey 
and smoke my cigarettes 
staring at the glass 
while i ask myself
about life and fault 
and then i saw her 
she was dancing 
in a flash of light 
her worn out boots 
her old jeans 
this dirty white top 
she’s moving like 
a sin i will regret 
and legs like a mistake 
i need to do
throwing down 100 proof
wondering if i am ready
to ruin my life again